«Қазмедиа орталығы» басқарушы компаниясы» ЖШС

Announcement of the commencement of public discussion of the results of the internal analysis of corruption risks in the activities of the LLP «Management Company «Kazmedia ortalygy».

On May 24, 2024, the LLP «Management Company «Kazmedia ortalygy» (hereinafter referred to as the Company) completed an internal analysis of corruption risks. In this regard, we inform you about the commencement of public discussion of the results of the conducted internal analysis of corruption risks. The internal analysis of corruption risks in the Company’s activities was conducted in the following directions: Identification of corruption risks in regulatory legal acts affecting the Company’s activities; Identification of corruption risks in the organizational and managerial activities of the Company.

The «Kazmedia Ortalygy» team participated in the «PRESS CUP» table tennis tournament among journalists!

On June 16th, an exciting «PRESS CUP» table tennis tournament among journalists took place in Astana, dedicated to the Day of Media. The tournament featured 20 teams. 🏓 Special awards were given to: 🌟 Best Player: Moldamurat Aybek – Engineer at the Department of Multichannel Broadcasting and Switching. 🌟 Best Player: Zhambolat Tureshov – Engineer in Multichannel Broadcasting. We express deep gratitude to each member of our team for their dedication, resilience, and excellent performance throughout the tournament! Your efforts deserve utmost respect and recognition.      

Volleyball team «Kazmedia Ortalygy» silver medalists of the V season of BAQ LIGA!

Volleyball team «Kazmedia Ortalygy» silver medalists of the V season of BAQ LIGA!🥈🎉 On February 25, the exciting competition of the V season of the BAQ league in volleyball among the media of Kazakhstan ended in Astana, where 10 teams took part in the battle for the title of the best team. Our volleyball players demonstrated a high level of play and determination throughout the season. In the final game we met with a strong team from the Khabar Agency and played a competitive match, which ended with a score of 2:1 in favor of our opponents.🤾‍♂️ A special award was given to: 🌟Best blocker: Moldamurat Aibek – automation system administrator. We would like to thank each and every member of our team for their hard work, resilience and excellent play throughout the season! Your efforts and dedication to the team deserve respect and recognition. 💪👏

“The Voluntary Society “Mercy” sincerely thanks the employees of the television and radio center!

Dear colleagues of the Management Company “Kazmedia Ortalygy” LLP, the Public Fund “Voluntary Society “Mercy”” cordially thanks the employees of the television and radio center for providing financial support. Expresses sincere gratitude for kindness and mercy, as well as the desire and opportunity to help. The help you provided served a good purpose and helped children in need feel your care and attention. We wish you good health, prosperity and success in all your endeavors. P.S. Together we make the world a better and kinder place❤️

New documentary television project – “Kazyna”!

Within the walls of “Kazmedia Ortalygy” the string of Kazakh culture began to sound! We are proud to announce that the Ministry of Culture and Information, together with the Khabar Agency, presented a new documentary television project – “Kazyna”. This exciting project, created on behalf of the Head of State, is designed to popularize and preserve the richness of the Kazakh musical tradition, in particular, an instrument that holds a special place in our hearts – the dombra. “Kazyna” is a guide to the world of Kazakh national heritage, telling about the musical heritage and culture of kuy. The goal of the project is to revive and pass on to future generations the legacy of outstanding kui masters, whose names have become golden pages in the history of national music.

Radio «Astana» has been on the air for 25 years!

Dear Radio «Astana»! Congratulations on your incredible anniversary – 25 years on air! Since 1999, you have been with us, filling our days with music, news and a cozy atmosphere. You are not just a station, but a part of our life, sounding on the waves of 101.4 FM. Thank you for your warm voices, for the latest Kazakh and European music, for interesting programs and fresh news. Your broadcasts accompanied us on our way to work, evening walks and moments of relaxation. We wish you to remain as bright and unique, continue to delight us with your surprises and inspire us to new musical discoveries. Happy birthday, Radio «Astana»!

Happy New Year 2024!

Dear friends, Happy New Year 2024! ? May this year bring a sea of joy, inspiration and incredible opportunities into your life! ?Let every moment be filled with laughter, love and bright impressions. We wish you dreams come true, successful endeavors and incredible discoveries! Thank you for being with us this past year! We believe that even more amazing moments await us ahead. With love and best wishes, Kazmedia team

Excellent performance by the «Kazmedia ortalygy» chess players!

Excellent performance by the «Kazmedia ortalygy» chess players! ⠀ 1. Chess tournament among employees of central government bodies and the media – 1st place team «Kazmedia ortalygy». ⠀ ?On the team: Ansabaev Sagynysh; Tureshov Zhanbolat; ⠀ 2. IX Chess Cup among media workers and bloggers of Kazakhstan. ⠀ ?Ansabaev Sagynysh – 3rd place; ?Tureshov Zhanbolat – 4th place; ⠀ 3. Team chess tournament among media representatives – 4th place team «Kazmedia ortalygy». ⠀ ?On the team: Sultanov Almas; Robert Alois; Zeinullina Meiramgul; Nurushev Zhalel; Imanali Anuar (Khabar 24); Tureshov Zhanbolat; Ansabaev Sagynysh; ⠀ We thank our chess players for their outstanding performance, for their contribution to the development of corporate sports and for raising the image of our company! Continue your triumphal march in the chess arena! ♟️?

3rd place in «Zhuldyz Liga»

The exciting winter Astana Futsal Championship among artists and media – «Zhuldyz Liga» has ended, where the «Kazmedia ortalygy» team won an honorable 3rd place?⚽ Special awards were given to: ? Best defender – Naizabekov Nazar ? Best striker – Akhmetov Ablai We wish our team even more victories, new achievements and incredible moments in future competitions!

Corporate event of «Kazmedia ortalygy»

New Year’s magic is in full swing! On December 23, 2023, we gathered in the cozy walls of the Radisson Hotel Astana to celebrate the fun corporate party of «Kazmedia ortalygy»! This evening was especially significant for us, because together we summed up the results of the outgoing year, celebrated achievements and presented well-deserved certificates of honor to our outstanding employees. We also held a number of exciting events that brought us closer together and filled the evening with fun and laughter. Moments like these create a unique atmosphere and inspire you to new heights! We thank every employee and partner who shared this magical moment with us. May our team continue to shine with the bright light of professionalism and warmth in 2024! Happy holidays, dear friends! ??