«Қазмедиа орталығы» басқарушы компаниясы» ЖШС


Job titlePhoneFunctions
Department of MKV and Switching75 79 96Formation of a television signal for broadcasting, control of compliance with the technical parameters of broadcasting, signal transmission to the broadcasting station
Establishment Support Department75 79 60Construction and repair work, handyman functions, housekeeping, cleaning, flower care, wardrobe
Human Resources 75 79 34Employee administration and development
Department of Organizational and Control Work75 78 77Company document management
Studio Support Department75 77 11Provision of professional television lighting for all projects filmed in the studios of the television center. Maintenance and operation of TV-journalistic kits, technical support of the studio with filming equipment
Department of Transport support75 77 26Transportation of the Company
Department of HVAWS (heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage)75 77 25Maintenance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage systems
Department of Accounting75 79 56Accounting
Legal Department75 77 27Legal support
Power Supply Department75 79 65Providing the building with electrical energy, internal lighting of the building
Public Procurement Department75 79 59Organization and implementation of public procurement of goods, works and services
HSC Operation Department (hardware-studio complex)75 79 36Ensuring the operation of video and sound equipment in the hardware rooms of the hardware-studio complex, technical support and operation of the cinema and concert hall and conference rooms
Department of Instrumentation and Automation75 79 64Ensuring the operation of automated life support systems of the building and instrumentation
Corporate Development Department75 77 00Development of corporate culture, public relations
Department of Communications and Coordination75 78 98Coordination of the work of all services, organization of interaction between the structural divisions with tenants of offices . Reception, distribution and control of the execution of incoming applications
Security Monitoring Department75 79 74Building and employee security, building access control
Sales75 79 55Sale of Company services
Broadcasting Complex75 78 33Engineering and technical support for the production and broadcasting of radio stations
Department of LP, IS, SE, CD and ES75 79 75labor protection, industrial safety, safety engineering, civil defense and emergency situations
Department of Economic Planning and Analysis75 78 70Financial administration
Department of Analytics and Logistics75 79 97Updating of technical documents and logistics
Technology Administration and Support Department75 77 70IT administration and IT support of hardware and software systems responsible for the preparation, production and distribution of media content of National TV channels
Office Administration and Support Department75 79 94IT administration and IT support of office equipment, servers, telephony and office software
Post-production Support Department75 77 18Maintenance and support of equipment and software for hardware video/audio editing. Control of loading and unloading of media materials into systems of operational and long-term data storage