«Қазмедиа орталығы» басқарушы компаниясы» ЖШС


Radio «Astana» has been on the air for 25 years!


Dear Radio «Astana»! Congratulations on your incredible anniversary – 25 years on air!

Since 1999, you have been with us, filling our days with music, news and a cozy atmosphere. You are not just a station, but a part of our life, sounding on the waves of 101.4 FM.

Thank you for your warm voices, for the latest Kazakh and European music, for interesting programs and fresh news. Your broadcasts accompanied us on our way to work, evening walks and moments of relaxation.

We wish you to remain as bright and unique, continue to delight us with your surprises and inspire us to new musical discoveries.

Happy birthday, Radio «Astana»!