«Қазмедиа орталығы» басқарушы компаниясы» ЖШС


Table tennis tournament was held among employees of «Kazmedia Ortalygy»


On the eve of the Republic Day, a table tennis tournament was held among employees of LLP «Management company «Kazmedia Ortalygy» ???

The event began with a performance by the children’s and youth creativity studio «Bala time». The children delighted the audience with their talents and lifted the spirits of everyone present ?

Further, our employees demonstrated not only their sportsmanship, but also their team spirit, fighting for the title of champions.

Prizes were awarded to the following employees:

? – Moldamurat Aibek, technological LAN administrator;
? – Serik Akhmetov, repair and construction worker;
? – Toleuov Magzhan, senior lighting technician;
?The best result among girls is Bolat Lashin, Head of the Public Procurement Department;

It was a day of bright emotions, friendly competition and sportsmanship!