«Қазмедиа орталығы» басқарушы компаниясы» ЖШС


Dear Kazakhs, we congratulate everyone on Abay Day!


August 10 is the day of the Great Abay!
Abay Kunanbayev is a Kazakh poet, composer, educator, thinker, public figure, the founder of Kazakh written literature and its first classic, a reformer of culture in the spirit of rapprochement with European culture based on enlightened Islam.

Abai’s progressive views, possessing humanistic and educational ideals, are especially relevant today.
“Only reason, science, will, conscience raise a person” – these and other words of Abaya became important.
Abai is the author of more than 170 poems and 56 translations. Several poems and “words of instruction” were born from his pen. Thanks to Abaya’s translations, classic works of world literature were published in Kazakh language.

Dear Folks, we congratulate everyone on Abay Day!