TOWER CLOCK – new capital attraction

In Nur-Sultan, on the eve of the December holidays, a tower clock will be launched on the facade of the media center “Kazmedia center”.
A watch with a total size of 3 meters in height and 18 meters in width, with a dial area of ​​54 m² will become an indispensable urban gadget – the authors of the idea are sure.

The electronic panel is designed to operate in the temperature range from -50 ° C to + 60 ° C, equipped with protection against moisture and dust.

“When installing an electronic clock, the climatic conditions of our city, the construction and design of the building itself were taken into account. The digital panel is designed to inform guests and residents of the capital about the exact time, show the current air temperature and date. We believe that the watch will become a new recognizable landmark of the capital and will accurately and without errors serve the city and its inhabitants, ”said Zhunusova Lyazzat Olzhabaevna, general director of the Kazmedia center television and radio complex.

The clock is installed from the side of Kunaev street and Nurzhol boulevard.

29 July 2020

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