The work of information services continues

Dear Colleagues!
First, we inform that TV-radiocomplex “Kazmedia ortalygy” is operating normally. The work of information services continues.

2 employees of the TV channel working in the building of “Kazmedia ortalygy” had a coronavirus desease (COVID-19). They are in the hospital. The work of the TV channel was transferred to a strict anti-epidemic regime. Today, May 21, the National Center for Expertise carried out the processing of all premises along the route of movement of infected employees.

In the near future, testing will be carried out for people working in the building, primarily all in contact with infected colleagues.

The quarantine measures adopted by “Kazmedia ortalygy” in March of this year continue to be valid, including:

1.In the entrance groups there are mats with a chlorine-containing solution for disinfecting shoes;
2. The body temperature of incoming persons is measured;
3. At the entrance groups installed hand sanitizer;
4. Prohibited access to the building of persons without face masks and medical gloves;
5. Regularly disinfection of the handles of entrance doors, turnstiles of entrance groups, elevator handrails, and elevator call buttons;
6. The southern entrance group of the building is temporarily closed (from the side of Nurzhol Boulevard).

Colleagues who worked in the building during the state of emergency were already accustomed to the measures introduced.

At the same time, taking into account the circumstances, the administration of the television and radio complex “Kazmedia ortalygy” recommends that all organizations working in the building take a number of measures described below:

1. It is possible to switch the most of employees to work remotely (online);
2. Provide their employees with personal protective equipment;
3. Ensure to keep a safe social distance between the workers;

Take care of yourself!

“Kazmedia” team


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