слайд услуги
слайд услуги

“Kazmedia school” is a professional platform for advanced training of media workers at the Management Company Kazmedia Ortalygy LLP.
The mission of the Center is to form a competent media community through educational programs and projects.

The objectives of the Center:


  • Creation of conditions for the formation of the “New Media Thinking” from media education to media literacy
  • Formation of a competent community and the identification of expert opinions in the field of media
  • Broadcast and exchange of domestic and international media experience/li>
  • Assistance in improving educational standards in the field of media
  • Organization and creation of open communication platforms in formats: national prizes, conferences, exhibitions, master classes, lectures, special projects

Educational services — professional development of media employees – includes the organization of services for additional professional education, as well as the development of specialized (copyright) programs in the field of media based on courses with the issuance of a certificate; professionally-oriented seminars, master classes, trainings for the purpose of vocational training and retraining of media employees.

International cooperation and communications – the creation of communicative and motivational platforms and professional network communities that bring together people from different fields of media and education, as well as working professionals.

Organization and participation in industry events
Interaction with other Funds

Media Talks is a communicative and motivational platform that brings together the best experts in the media sphere. The mission of the intellectual conference is to disseminate the “success story” and unique ideas in the field of media in order to transmit the speakers’ professional experience.

A media lecture hall is an open communicative and motivational platform for the purpose of sharing the lecturer’s experience with students. Project lecturers: politicians, media industry professionals, famous scientists, writers, publicists, caring citizens with an active lifestyle. The main task of the media lectures: translation of the speaker’s professional experience, creation and strengthening of a professionally oriented / professional community.

“Diplomatic Media Club” — is a communication platform for cooperation and implementation of media projects of diplomatic missions and their press services presented in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The management company "Kazmedia ortalygy" receives citizens by appointment

Reception day: Wednesday.
Reception time for citizens: from 09:00 to 13:00.

Phone number for making an appointment

To the CEO: +7 7172 75 79 07

To the Deputy General Directors: +7 7172 75 79 39

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