On the day of media workers, on June 25, 2019, the Quizmedia intellectual quiz was held in the Kazmedia coworking zone. The game was very emotional. Nine teams representing the domestic media took part in the quiz.

The winner of the game was the “In team” team, which is not surprising, given the large amount of information passing through the guys every day at work. Players of the team represented the Khabar 24 TV channel.

15 June 2020

Free “squares” appeared in the main TV center of the country!

Is your work related to Media? It takes a long time to find suitable pavilions and specialists? Do you want…

25 May 2020

The work of information services continues

Dear Colleagues! First, we inform that TV-radiocomplex “Kazmedia ortalygy” is operating normally. The work of information services continues. 2 employees…


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