Joint projects

       Within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation between Kazmedia ortalygy Management Company LLP and the State Academic Philharmonic of Nur-Sultan, in February 2020, the State Philharmonic orchestras were recorded in the multi-format recording studio of the Kazmedia ortalygy TV and radio complex. In 1 week, more than 60 works were recorded, including 20 kuys, by such composers as Korkyt, Asan Kaigi, Kurmangazy, Makhambet Utemisuly and Dina Nurpeisova. 100 instruments were recorded simultaneously. The project is aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of the Kazakh people.


          The Kazakh orchestra of the State Academic Philharmonic of Nur-Sultan was established in 1998. The orchestra’s repertoire includes folk, folk-professional and academic music of Kazakhstan. Most of the concert programs are made up of Kazakh dombra’s kuys

          The artistic director and chief conductor of the orchestra is the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the holder of the Order “Parasat”, professor Aitkali Zhayymov. Conductor – cultural worker Nurlan Bekenov.


       The Korkyt ethno-ensemble was organized in November 2015. The artistic tasks of the group include the popularization of traditional music of Kazakhstan. The uniqueness of the collective lies in the fact that each of its artists owns not one, but several instruments. Thanks to this universalism, “Korkyt” can perform folk music with any composition. The band’s musicians not only play several instruments – many of them possess a rare technique of throat singing.

         In February 2020, “Korkyt” entered the Guinness Book of Records of Kazakhstan, giving the longest concert in the history of Independent Kazakhstan: the ethno-ensemble performed 75 compositions non-stop.

         The artistic director of the group is a cultural figure Sholpan Korganbek.


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