In “Kazmedia ortalygy”, measures are continuing to prevent viral respiratory diseases

Dear Colleagues!

In order to avoid the appearance of rumors and speculation, we inform that the measures taken in the television and radio complex “Kazmedia ortalygy” to prevent the spread of viral respiratory diseases are PREVENTIVE.

At the moment, people with symptoms of viral respiratory diseases are NOT DETECTED among visitors and employees of the media center. All people entering the building have normal body temperature.

To date, all office and industrial premises, corridors and bathrooms have been treated with a disinfectant solution. The total area of ​​the processed premises is 45,000 square meters. In order not to interfere with work processes, the disinfection of news rooms and offices with a large number of jobs was carried out at night.

Also, some colleagues were interested in calling an ambulance on Sunday March 15 this year. On this fact, we found out that the ambulance team was called for reasons not related to respiratory diseases.

Please do not panic.

Take care of yourself!


Sincerely yours,
“Kazmedia” team

17 October 2022

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5 October 2022

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