Ethnic ensemble “Korkyt” in a large recording studio of Kazmedia ortalygy

On March 4, 2020, a large recording studio hosted the recording of the second musical ensemble “Korkyt” of the State Academic Philharmonic of the city of Nur-Sultan. The ethnic group “Korkyt” set a national record on February 17, 2020: musicians without breaks performed 75 works by heart for several hours in a row, including national and world masterpieces, thereby updating the Guinness Book of Records of Kazakhstan.

The traditional music group “Korkyt” was organized in November 2015 on the initiative of the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, general director and artistic director of the Moscow Philharmonic Society Saken Abdrakhmanov. Cultural Director Sholpan Korganbek became the artistic director of the group.

Already in February 2016, just a few months after the organization of the collective, the presentation of “Korkyt” was a great success – the concert “Kasyrlar togauy” (“Voice of the Ages”), in which the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mayra Ilyasova, the famous musician Edil Khusainov took part , Folk Dance Ensemble “Shalgyma” (artistic director – Cultural Worker Abdurasul Yesekeyev), as well as soloists of the Department of Folk Singing of the Philharmonic.

The group’s artistic tasks include popularizing traditional music of Kazakhstan, so Korkyt gathered like-minded musicians playing all Kazakh folk instruments (kobyz, kyl-kobyz, narcobiz, dombra, syrny, muyiz-syrnai, shankobyz, zhetygen, sherter, daulylpaz, Saz syrnai, bass dombra, sybyzgy, su agash, tokyldak, etc.). The uniqueness of the team lies in the fact that each of his artists owns not one, but several instruments. Thanks to such universalism, “Korkyt” can perform folk music of any composition, which is important for a small group of 12 people. And, of course, the viewer reacts fervently, seeing the stage mastery of multi-instrumentalists. The musicians of the group not only play several instruments – many of them have a rare technique of throat singing.

A burning desire to attract young people to traditional musical art leads artists to the constant search for their individual musical style. The group’s repertoire is based on the genres of Kazakh folklore – cui, terme and zhyr, made in the author’s work by Sholpan Korganbek. Thanks to the skillful arrangement, folk music sounds in a new way, maximally revealing the images and beauty inherent in it.

An important place in the repertoire of “Korkyt” is occupied by the compositions of Sholpan Korganbek herself. As a composer, she was repeatedly nominated at prestigious national competitions:
Astana-Baiterek (2007),
“Balalyk shak; dosa” (2007),
“Elim Menin” (2007, 2011, 2014),
“Eldіn eri – Bauyrzhan!”, Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of B. Momyshuly (2010),
“Tauelsizdik tolgauy” (2009, 2011, 2014, 2015).

The collective is distinguished by the desire to constantly improve their skills – all its participants are winners of prestigious national and international music competitions and festivals. These are Kazbek Atambaev, Adilzhan Tobzhanov, Erzat Moldakul, Fariza Koshegulova, Daniyar Budanbay, Arimbek Aybek, Kuanysh Rakhmet, Nurgozha Kuat, Tozhan Gaysa, Dayana Turmanova, Madina Osmanova, Madykarimov Maksat.

Korkyt is actively touring – the group was honored to represent the national cultural heritage in China and Russia in May and September 2016. The year 2016 was marked by another striking event in the life of the collective – participation in the International Ethno-Folk-Jazz Festival “Uly Dala Koueni”, where the group performed “Ak Bulak” in jazz processing by Bakyr Tazhibayev.

The creative activity of Korkyt for a short period of time was also noted by letters of appreciation and letters of thanks of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

12 July 2022

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