Board of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On February 18, 2020, a meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Kazmedia center.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan determined the tasks of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development for 2020.
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar, at the MIID expanded board outlined several key tasks that the ministry faces in 2020.

According to him, it is necessary to ensure the planned growth of products and the achievement of all targets in the framework of the state program of industrial and innovative development.

Construction and housing and communal services. Roman Sklyar noted that this year it is planned to introduce 15 million m2 of housing.

“To reduce the cost of construction, it is necessary to actively apply standard designs and maximize local content, as well as proper control over the quality of design and construction works. Together with the LEB, it is necessary to provide mass housing construction sites with the necessary infrastructure in a timely manner, as well as continue inventorying, digitalizing the entire infrastructure of the republic “, Said the Deputy Prime Minister.

He added that special attention should be paid to explanatory work with the population about the housing policy pursued by the state and possible solutions to housing issues.

The development of the transport industry. Roman Sklyar noted that it is necessary to take special control over the implementation of the action plan for the implementation of the state program of infrastructure development “Nurly Zhol” for 2020-2025. It is necessary to increase the volume of container traffic by at least 30%, as well as take measures to open a ferry service between the port of Kuryk and the ports of Iran.

Roman Sklyar also instructed to begin work on the development of a concept for the development of navigation on inland waterways.

Automobile transport. According to the deputy prime minister, the ministry, together with the IOI, needs to organize work on subsidizing socially significant routes in the regions, involving private carriers as much as possible.

Road development. To achieve the targets before the start of the construction season, it is necessary to ensure the procurement of at least 70% of building materials from the annual demand, said Roman Sklyar.

“On a systematic basis, ensure the required quality control of construction, repair and maintenance of roads. To work out the issue of opening traffic on the Aktobe-Atyrau-Astrakhan, Karaganda-Balkhash-Almaty, Taldykorgan-Ust-Kamenogorsk and other road sections projects,” said the Deputy Prime Minister Minister.

He also instructed the MIID together with the IOI to take special control of high-quality preparation for the flood period, as well as to provide parity funding for the reconstruction of networks of local roads.

The development of civil aviation. Roman Sklyar noted the need to continue working with foreign airlines to introduce an open skies regime, as well as to intensify work with experts from the British Civil Aviation Agency to bring the civil aviation industry regulatory system in line with European requirements and international best practices.

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