Online-marathon «Referendum»

The first and the largest online-marathon in the history of Kazakhstan  lasted from 9:00 to 01:00. The broadcast is organized on the technical base of «Kazmedia Ortalygy».
The main goal of the online marathon «Referendum» is to inform Kazakhstanis about the interim results of the referendum in real time, provide a platform for political discussion for representatives of different sectors of society and openly discuss the preliminary results of the vote.

More than 1200 guests, 300 speakers are invited to the marathon: deputies, political scientists, representatives of public organizations, youth activists, as well as representatives of culture, sports, journalists and bloggers.

28 November 2022

A 16-hour online-marathon was held at «Kazmedia Ortalygy»

On November 20, 2022, as part of the early presidential elections, a 16-hour online-marathon was held at «Kazmedia Ortalygy». ⠀…

28 November 2022

Happy Republic Day of Kazakhstan!

This holiday is a symbol of the unity of the multinational people, understanding of our historical community and the significant…

Reception of citizens

The management of "Kazmedia ortalygy" receives citizens by appointment.

Reception day: Wednesday.
Reception time for citizens: from 09:00 to 13:00.

Phones and contact person for the reception of individuals and legal entities: Duisebayeva Balzhan Mukhtarkyzy (Assistant General Manager): +7 7172 75 79 07

To the Deputy General Directors: +7 7172 75 79 39
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